eRate Studio is an interface that allows the production of a special banner in seconds.

Self service platform, with a convenient and easy to use interface, allows you to create a special banner for a better results with impressive brand visibility.

The banner is produced with a ready to use tag, desktop and mobile as well, an impressive responsive look, full screen on your mobile with high engagement.

eRate Studio allows the creation and use of Mobile videos with efficient and convenient of operation.

Loading movie file to the Studio allows you to create a video banner in a matter of seconds.

Without the need for special production, the system produce a Tag to be submitted directly to the web site and get the campaign immediate alive at the mobile web site or application.

Data platform for collecting and managing data, creating audiences, audience targeting at eRate products. Custom solutions for data management and media buying or retargeting, bring an effective solution and utilize Data for digital campaigns.

Simple Operation

eRate brings to the media managers easy to use interface tools. Clear and simple screens beside thinking about the small details, display data clear and fast, allows saving time and better campaign control.

Studio Banners

Studio section provides advanced capabilities of special tools.

Advanced tools that enable various types of ad tools like mobile video by using different designed templates alongside a fast and easy creation.

Media Buying

As part of the cooperation with leading sites, eRate gives the ability to buy special tools from our platforms interface. Easy and fast purchase with special rates for strong and effective ad tools. We are proud to be an authorized dealer for the unique media of Moovit Israel.

About the Company

eRate was founded in 2006 and engaged for years in digital advertising technologies.

The digital advertising environment changes over the years, as have our systems and services. From measurement and control systems to ad serving and campaign management tools, providing services to the media agencies and leading websites while searching for technological innovation.

We produce solutions to the media agencies and advertising tools for web sites, like pickAflip – story widget for e-commerce. we have the desire to connect the platforms and provide effective and advanced service.