eRate was founded in 2006 and engaged for years in digital advertising technologies.

The digital advertising environment changes over the years, as have our systems and services. From measurement and control systems to ad serving and campaign management tools, providing services to the media agencies and leading websites while searching for technological innovation.

We produce solutions to the media agencies and advertising tools for web sites with a desire to connect the platforms and provide effective and advanced service.


eRate works with leading media agencies in Israel, maintains high standards in servicing and reliability alongside cooperation.

Development of new tools and reliability over the years paved the way for eRate to work with leading web sites in Israel, desktop web sites and mobile applications.

Connecting the platforms in providing services to web sites and media agencies created the capability for providing advanced solutions, solving complex problems, sharing needs and achievement of objectives.

Service and support

Time matters in digital advertising, from the first moment the campaign goes live it needs to be effective to get the best results and to justify the cost of media purchasing.

We at eRate gives it high priority and every effort to meet the requirements, problems and glitches takes immediate response, fast reaction and accurate solutions.

With patience, we detect the problem and guide to the appropriate solution.


The bottom line

We see ourselves as “spirit players”, we love our business and enjoy working at the digital advertising technology market. The challenges facing us every day, discovering a new world and new capabilities, ideas and technological possibilities, adrenaline and fun.