Ad Server

Campaign Management enables efficiency monitoring, flexibility and full control.

By the system interface, you may easily manage your banners at the various sites with:

– Creative management and automatic optimization

– Landing page reference control

– Replacement and repair in real time

– Monitors real-time reports


During the campaign, the system displays real-time data combining exposures, clicks, conversions and unique users.

From cross campaign data to specific banner at each web site.

Screen display reports, easy to read and quick view without the need for producing special reports and all in real time.


You can implement the system capabilities on different platforms, such as smart phones, tablets and desktops.


Studio section provides advanced capabilities of special tools.

Advanced tools that enable differentiation and various types of ad tools alongside a fast and easy creation.

Mobile PopUnder

Implementing PopUnder Tag allows the publisher to add new advertising space by simple implementation. Without changes to the site design, using a simple integration, you can maximize your site visitors with more ad space.

The system will open a rear Ad browser window in accordance with the advanced stock management algorithm.

The product available as well as desktop browsers and Mobile.

Mobile Video

From Video file on your computer to a Mobile video advertising within minutes.

Loading video file to the system produces Tag to embed at the application. The tag has all it takes for displaying an high quality video banner depending on the bandwidth in which the user is at a given moment.

Fast loading and high quality video banner, besides real-time reports with information regarding the user’s reaction to the film, you will experience a quality and advanced campaign management.


Saving all the campaigns Data from the Ad Server is available.

Building audiences without the need for additional settings, each activity is saved and can be reused in the system. You can build audiences based on previous campaigns, and Target them back with a different creative or a different campaign.