Collaboration with Google

As part of the cooperation that exists between eRate to Google Israel, we provide service on DoubleClick’s systems.


Google DBM (Double click bid manager) is a DSP interface that enables programmatic media buying from various sites around the world.

Advanced interface connected to a huge worldwide media stock which allows smart and convenient purchase. Advanced campaign management, campaign control and analyze by using a convenient interfaces.


Data purchase of audiences is available from the DBM interface. This option can help the campaign to lead for a better ROI. Exact audiences and media buying reaches the exact targeting with the appropriate audience.

Using an external Data collected by Google DBM pixels or loading external 1st party Data collected through the systems and tools of eRate Ad Server or eRate DMP at the advertiser assets or digital campaign were managed outside Google.

Support and advice

eRate provides support and advice about using the interface. Enables SMB businesses to gain access to an advanced, fast and convenient service directly with eRate.