Advertising Tools

eRate products allows to the campaign manager and media buyer to manage the media and to maximize the campaign ROI at the digital.

Advanced tools which provides control and maximize campaigns or innovative tools which allows better creative by using technical innovation and special design.

Ad Server

A simple interface for managing the campaign. Allows real-time control on a varied banner sites and mobile applications. Option for optimizing and maximizing the results by real-time data screens with a simple and easy to read format.

Advertising products

Special products which enable the creation of smart and advanced campaign. Attractive and unique Media Buying from varied web sites by quick and easy usage.

Product: PopUnder

Product: Mobile Video

Service and Consulting

Beyond the product and technical support, we also help in understanding the thinking and advise the product, ways and methods, data analysis and understanding of the potential acquisition and campaign management. With an understanding of the capabilities of the product, we will allow a better campaign management and media buying is suitable and cheaper.


Saving all the campaigns Data from the Ad Server is available.

Building audiences without the need for additional settings, each activity is saved and can be reused in the system. You can build audiences based on previous campaigns, and Target them back with a different creative or a different campaign.

Target byy a tailored unique creative or purchasing different products which embedded on varied publishers like Mobile Video and PopUnder.

Media Buying

In accordance to the appropriate permissions, we provide a system which gives the media buyer the ability to buy an attractive media at attractive prices.

The company products, which embedded at various publisher web sites, enable to the media buyer to purchase excess media inventory in real time at an attractive price. Campaign at eRate can catch this media in real time at any given moment when the place becomes available.