Mobile Video

eRate Studio allows the creation and use of Mobile videos with efficient and convenient of operation. Loading movie file to the Studio allows you to create a video banner in a matter of seconds. Without the need for special production, the system produce a Tag to be submitted directly to the web site and get the campaign immediate alive at the mobile web site or application. Get time and cost savings, aim the energy and manage the campaign effectively, turning the campaign to success.

Media Platforms

Our Tag can work in any media, such as regular display banner, like desktop / Mobile websites and applications.

Each banner at any size can accommodate our Tag.

The banner can be prepared in any desired size using a combination of video and photo. The video will hold part of the banner area and the extra content will be filled by image, background image.

Takeover and Special Media

Possibility to create special campaigns using a combination of multiple video and multiple banner sizes and placements.

Watch a video banner that continue from the point it was stopped at the previous banner. For example, continue watching video at a content banner from the point it was stop at the interstitial banner.

Videos that interact among themselves on the same page, for example banners Top Content “talks” with the lower strip banner.

And you can always upgrade

All that can be upgraded and reach a better ROI by using Data for audience targeting.

Publishers can embed our Tag and authorize media buyers to buy and use unsold inventory, directly from eRate platform.