Pop Under

By a simple implementation, you can get more ad space to the web site. Additional advertising space without changing anything to the visibility of the site and the current structure.

The product allows to control and manage your clients’ campaigns, smart and simple management uses existing inventory and maximize revenues while controlling the visibility of the site and desired capacity.


Opening a Pop Under window for mobile browsers, allows to mobile web site to increase the ad space without spoiling the user site experience.

The browser will open a new browser window underneath with the landing page URL similar to the action that takes place in the browser desktop.


A simple interface and easy management tool allows smooth Tag integration at the web site.

Basic settings on the product implementation include:

– Frequency Cup

– Open Triggers

After the implementation of the Tag, all that remains is to load campaigns by using a simple interface.

Campaign Management

A simple interface allows to define campaign booking. The booking includes:

– Quantity invited (open Pop Under)

– Dates of Activity

– Prioritize

– Frequency Cup

Connect your order and it launched a smart algorithm which allows the platform to manage inventory for you and bring the campaign to extract the order.

Inventory management

Using a smart algorithm, the system learns the web site traffic.

Combined product definitions which include Unique reps, the system will predict the possible pop under opening amount, the existing inventory.

The system will deliver the orders in accordance to the settings combined with order progress and expectations. Maximum utilization of inventory will distribute equally and scatter across different campaigns and around the clock all order period.

Inventory sales methods

The product allows the web site to sell the ad space to its customers, thereby maximizing the revenue directly with the customer. Enables customers to enjoy a good price directly from the site.


Third-party integration: You can integrate third-party Tag in low priority status and let this supplier to fill the ad place demands with additional sales. Sales which the web site didn’t sell and have free inventory to use. All of this is done during the day and without personal intervention.


eRate Engagement: By giving permission, the web site can sell the excess inventory to authorized customers directly from the eRate management tool. Authorized customers can purchase media through eRate, based on acceptable pricing based on fixed price or RTB.

This acquisition will allow other websites and media agencies expand their campaign to a different web sites while retargeting users which visiting their sites.

And you can always upgrade

All that can be upgraded and reach a better ROI by using Data for audience targeting.