Business partner

eRate active in advertising technologies for the last 10 years. During those years, we have worked with many big and small/medium web sites. We know the needs on the web sites and we adapted ourselves to provide reliable and convenient service.

We see the web sites as a partner, by our services we give the web site the possibility to maximize profits and to improve results for reaching more earnings.

With the development of new technologies alongside fast and powerful service we enable the creation of innovative advertising space, proper use, integrating different systems, all accompanied by full service.

Service and Consulting

Beyond the assimilation of technology and technical support, we also help in understanding the thinking and advise the product, ways and methods of sale, data analysis and understanding of the potential market. With site analysis and understanding of existing inventory, we help maximize revenue.

Product: Pop Under

By a simple implementation, you can get more ad space to the web site. Additional advertising space without changing anything to the visibility of the site and the current structure.

The product allows to control and manage your clients’ campaigns, smart and simple management uses existing inventory and maximize revenues while controlling the visibility of the site and desired capacity.

Product: Mobile Video

eRate Studio allows the creation and use of Mobile videos with efficient and convenient of operation.

Without the need for special production, the system produce a Tag to be submitted directly to the web site and get the campaign immediate alive at the mobile web site or application.

Our Tag can work in any media, such as regular display banner, like desktop / Mobile websites and applications.

Data Integration

You can combine any of our products with audience targeting. Data audience management system gives the possibility to take an existing web site and make use of efficient targeting and smarter campaigns.

Data integration provides a higher campaign ROI and can increase the revenue for each placement.

Selling Excess Inventory

Connect placements to eRate platform and let authorized customers to purchase directly.

Authorized customers will get access to purchase excess inventory from your web site by eRate smart and convenient interface.

All unsold excess stock will be offered for sale and will be used during the day using a smart algorithm which deliver the inventory among the web site.

The sale will be possible and authorized to customers who allowed to undertake high-quality campaigns at pre-determined or approved by the BIDDER mechanism at the float price.


Another web site can increase his campaigns by retargeting his audience on the same product at your web site.

Allows the web site to sell larger campaigns on the same product and increase revenues with the same inventory purchase from another web site which hold the same product.