Rich Creative

eRate Studio is an interface that allows the production of a special banner in seconds.

Self service platform, with a convenient and easy to use interface, allows you to create a special banner for a better results with impressive brand visibility.

The banner is produced with a ready to use tag, desktop and mobile as well, an impressive responsive look, full screen on your mobile with high engagement.


All banners can be displayed on mobile.

Interstitial ads is displayed responsively on the entire screen with perfect and impressive visibility.

Interesting visibility, upgrade the engagement, makes the user to be involved with the brand thanks to the interaction in the banner itself.



Without weight restrictions and with perfect visibility, it can be used directly in front of the sites. It can be also in all media purchasing systems like Google DVD 360 or various serving systems.

The system produces a simple tag to implement on any platform.


Using a simple screen, you can see the campaign data in real time.

The system displays interesting data about the use and interaction within the banner.

How many users played with the banner, touch the creative, clicked, engaged with elements.

Custom Banner

We supply 24/7 service and customer support.

We produce special banners according to customer requirements and adjustments to the overall creative of the campaign.

Each topic receives a quick response along with creativity and advanced technologies.